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Make money with a Google Adwords Campaign

You have a well made website, you have some visitors... but somehow you don't see the cash.

You will probably excuse your website telling yourself that it just takes time before money comes knocking at your door... and it's true: with time and a lot of work to create the right content and make noise in your local media, your site will get more efficient in search engines, the revenue will finally increase and end of the story. But why not accelerating the process?

You probably know what GOOGLE ADWORDS is, but for those who doesn't, here is a brief explanation:
- Adwords are those small text ads you see at the top of most of the search result pages on google.
- Those ads cost money, that's right, but in exchange they promote your website directly to the first position, saving you from a lot of work and bringing many more visitors to your website almost instantly.
- To publish your own ads it takes some technique, experience and eye for advertisement, but with those things you can have a super efficient online marketing campaign and grab not only new visitors, but new customers... because that's what Adwords really is for, to help you sell your product or service.

And here is where we come in. We study your company, your website, your goals, your budget and your competitors. We will design the perfect Adwords campaign for you, launch it and monitor it. We cannot guarantee that you are going to make a lot of money with it, but here is a real story: our last client, asked us to create a nice SEO friendly website, took all the right steps (good quality content, powerful URLs etc) but after some months the site was still not making money. We convinced him to invest less than 1.000€ in a Google Adwords campaign and just on the first month after launching it he made more than 20.000€ of revenue.

You can also be a hero for your company, think a little bit bigger go up to a whole new level.