SAULIUS | The Very Little Agency


Lead Programmer

Saulius (AKA "our lead programmer") knows it all, is the guy you call if something serious stops working or you want to add some magic to your website.

Rush hours or quiet moments affect Saulius equally (never nervous) and makes it very easy to approach him at all times, honest, professional and responsible, he is always ready to help.

He started to work for the agency at the beginning of 2014. Nico (TVLA's director) was hospitalised after an ugly leg fracture. He couldn't move for a long time so he needed a skilled programmer to take care of a new project. After interviewing a lot of candidates Nico assigned the new project to him and after that one came another one, and another one... and he has chained tasks and projects and growing with the agency ever since.

Today an expert programmer, he started his professional career as theater director... yup! but he couldn't help playing with computers.


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