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You probably know what GOOGLE ADWORDS is, but for those who doesn't, here is a brief explanation:
- Adwords are those simple text ads you can see at the top of most of the search result pages on google... yeah, those on first position of each page, at the top and on the right hand sidebar, you know which ones?
- Those Google ads cost money, that's right, but you jump directly to the first position, getting many more visitors to your website.
- To publish your own ads needs some technique and eye for advertisement, but with those things you can have a super efficient online marketing campaign and grab not only new visitors, but new customers... because that's what Adwords really is for, to help you sell your product or service.

Here is where The Very Little Agency can help you out.

We study your company, your website, your goals, your budget and your competitors. We create an optimal Adwords campaign for you, launch it and monitor it. We cannot guarantee that you are going to make a lot of money, but we know for good our clients did boost their sales with a minimum economic effort... for instance, our last client, a local businessman, he built a company, invested on a nice SEO friendly website, but after some months it got to appear on the first page of results on some searches, got some hundreds of visitors every month but the guy wasn't getting any money. He invested less than 1.000€ on a Google Adwords campaign with us and on the first month he made more than 20.000€ of revenue (his products are expensive, but the clients are kind of "hidden").

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