Our FAMOUS ( and almost secret) marketing recipe | The Very Little Agency

Our FAMOUS ( and almost secret) marketing recipe

It's a great cocktail we make.


+ 100ml of your needs.
+ 1/2 kilo of your business goals.
+ A pinch of input from your side.
+ 2 cups of fun brainstorms.
+ A tablespoon of good luck.
+ A few marketing branches.


Your initial input, business needs and goals are really important to finish a superb drink. Sometimes you don't give us a right analysis of your problem and/or goals and we help correcting any imperfections before we take the next step.

Now that we've got all ingredients just right, we proceed to sit down at a table in our agency, surround ourselves with some dumb table-top toys, maybe a computer, a coffee and very often too: pretty loud music... and there we go saying whatever comes to our minds. Experience tells us that we loose control for some minutes and we might give the impression that we don't know what we are talking about for hours and even days, but here is where luck helps us and we manage to find our way back and end-up having a fantastic idea for you and your business.

Finally, it is time to use those skills we learned after years or even decades of marketing and web development experience and apply them to our freshly cooked ideas and ta-daaaaa!!! we have a beautiful marketing cocktail ready to drink.

IMPORTANT NOTE: do not try to prepare this cocktail at home, it might sound more simple than what it really is. You could be facing serious money losses, dizziness and disappointment.